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Hi! I just wanted to say I really really love your blog! I am crazy about all sort of odd things especilally from the Victorian era and since I am going to be In London from the 29 of January till the 2 of February I would like to ask you what would you reccomend me to see or where to go. Thank you so much! asked by Anonymous

Hey, thank you, I’m glad you like my blog!

I’m not really an expert on London, I’ve only been there a few times myself, and even then it’s never been in pursuit of oddities, however, the following places might be of interest to you:

  • The Free Museums: The Natural History Museum and The British Museum. Those are the ones I’ve been to. They’re both great and I’ve made posts about things I saw at The British Museum so it might be worth a trip. Also, The Victoria and Albert Museum. I haven’t been myself but again, their website is the source of some of my posts!
  • There’s The London Dungeon. Perhaps you’ve already been to one of these somewhere else, but it’s full of creepy tales and horrible history of London, like murders, medieval torture, olde worlde surgery, stuff like that. I’ve been to the York and Edinburgh Dungeons and they’re great so I don’t see why London wouldn’t be.
  • The Tower of London, I’ve made at least three posts I can think of off the top of my head about the Tower of London, it has a pretty macabre history and if this is anything to go by, the tours are hilarious!
  • Highgate Cemetery is a must, especially if you’re interested in the Victorians! And there’s the Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park as well.
  • I’ve recommended the above attractions because they’re things I’ve made posts about/seen for myself, however this Weird London website might be more informative for you!
  • EDIT: I’d also check out the notes on this post because people are suggesting some great stuff too!

Anyway, I hope these are of some help and that you enjoy your trip and should you encounter any interesting oddities you’ll be back in touch to share them!

  1. sunrayonsunday said: For general London history, go to the Museum of London. Just a short walk away from St Paul’s cathedral and a very impressive collection. And it’s free!
  2. winter-set-heart said: Can i recommend the hunterian museum as well as the wellcome collection, both incredible museums for anyone into oddities!!!!
  3. vickypearce said: This is kind of blatant self-promotion but the museum where I work is Victorian itself, housing the collections of a Victorian tea trader: And it’s free! (apart from the aquarium) Not to mention AWESOME.
  4. persephonehazard said: If you’re after Victorian-era weirdness in London, you should go to the Soane Museum -
  5. bbcpingu said: Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Piccadilly Circus!
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